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I will continue to add or update content to the Cinema Directory and Map Directory pages, which take you to specific locations of independent cinemas in the North and South Islands of New Zealand. It all started with a trip around the South Island in 2010/2011, ostensibly on a family holiday, with wife Josephine, offspring Travis and Catherine Rose + 89 year old father-in-law Peter, all crammed into our Toyota Avensis on a two week tour. I visited about 19 cinemas along the way, from Takaka to Stewart Island and Picton, and they formed my first entries.

In the ensuing months and years I have added material when I happen to travel around New Zealand. Initially, I received a little amount of funding from my university, to assist with such travels, but now it is pretty much when opportunities arise eg as when I may be driving to Wellington, and visit cinemas on the way. Some places are more difficult to reach or re-visit. One of these days, for example, I hope to get to Kaikoura when the cinema is open. In the meantime, I do depend on people sending me information–especially about details which need modifying on the cinema listings. I try and include everything (eg private cinemas, summer festival screenings) but I know I sometimes don’t hear about events.
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