Cinema Details

DeLuxe Cinemas, Woolston, Christchurch

Contact Details
The Tannery, 3 Garlands Road
Christchurch 8023

Contact Person:
Phone: 03 389 5360


Capacity: 32 + 54
Screen: Two screens
Sound: Dolby surround sound
Seating: Armchairs with tray tables
Snackbar: Licensed bar/Cafe with tea & coffee. Rush Munro icecream. Cheese boards and hot nuts
Accessibility: Good level access. Removable seats. Good free parking.
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Geoff’s Review
The latest venture by the chaps at Alice in Videoland (opened May 2016) adding a new, luxurious cinema experience for Christchurch. It is sited in The Atrium at The Tannery, a rather swanky shopping and entertainment destination in the suburb of Woolston. It is designed to fill a gap, providing for older southern suburbs and the residents up on the Port Hills.
Offers specials such as ‘Senior Wednesday’ and ‘Cheap Tuesday’, with a mix of art house and more mainstream fare. Free morning tea (tea or coffee + a freshly baked biscuit is an extra inducement to attend morning screenins, Monday to Friday)
A small, well-appointed cinema (note the themed carpet) but it seems more styled for visitors (Fendalton Ladies) rather than locals, with Woolston retaining its working class flavour.