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Lido (Hamilton)

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The Balcony, Centre Place, 501 Victoria Street


Contact Person: Stewart Putwain, Manager Also
Phone: 07 838 9010


Capacity: 108 + 106 + 93 (+ 34 at the Victoria)
Screen: Three screens, 35mm but no 3D
Sound: Dolby digital
Seating: Comfortable, armchair style. Recliners in the front row.
Snackbar: Liquor licence, coffee and cafe food. Rush Munro’s ice cream
Accessibility: Lift to balcony from shopping precinct. Large foyer space.
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Geoff's Review
This cinema is my local, where I get to see between 30-40 films a year, along with other regulars. In earlier times, it housed the Village Showcase and the Rialto Hamilton but the latter closed its doors in mid-2009. In December it re-opened as the Lido Hamilton as a sister cinema to the Lido in Auckland.
It is a lovely cinema, with a grand foyer. My wife says the foyer reminds her of a very up-market bordello but I don't know why she would know this! It has all the touches you also find in the Auckland Lido--lovely furnishings (and bookcases), attentive young staff, a great range of refreshments, and a diverse film programme which focuses on art house titles--but also some mainstream films, as it is the sole remaining cinema in the CBD.
It serves an older, discerning audience but like cinemas in other university cities, it hasn't yet cracked the student market (despite my efforts with my students). Hosts the NZ International Film Festival and other specialist festivals, the Hamilton Film Society and meetings of local film-makers. A weekly, very informative electronic newsletter is available.
In December, The Lido rescued the Victoria, Hamilton's boutique cinema (34 seats) which had thrived for a while but closed in November 2011, and thence once more in May 2012. The Victoria served as the Lido's fourth screen and can be found (in darkness) a five minute walk up Victoria Street, the main drag of the Hamilton CBD.
A warning for the unwary: as you watch a film at The Lido, you may experience tremors under your seat. This is not a special effect but results from trains travelling underground beneath Centre Place. A bit disturbing when you are watching a doco like 'When A City Falls'!
My life would be impoverished without this cinema.