Cinema Details

Castle Duo Cinema (Kaikohe)CLOSED 2013

Contact Details
23 Raihara Street

Kaikohe 0440

Contact Person: Bennett James Wilson, at
Phone: 09 401 2398
Mobile: 02617 3048


Capacity: 100 + 60
Screen: Two screens, both 35mm
Sound: Good (older Dolby, surround-sound system)
Seating: Tip-up, stadium seating–perhaps a bit narrow for those with a wider beam. Several couches
Snackbar: Yes
Accessibility: Stairs would be an obstacle for some elderly patrons
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Geoff’s Review
Fourteen years in existence and now into its third, friendly owner, this small cinema seems to be struggling a little in a town that is facing serious deprivation and unemployment. There are few other entertainment options in this part of Northland, except for the local hot springs and car wrecking–Kaikohe being the setting for the very enjoyable New Zealand documentary Kaikohe Demolition (Florian Habicht, 2004).
But the Castle Duo, a rather quirky building sandwiched between a car tyre supplier and an empty art showroom just off the main street (Broadway), is serving a vital community role. The screen fare is tailored for the locals who are primarily teenagers and young adults and Maori but there have been recent screenings of non-mainstream titles such as ‘Jane Eyre’ and ‘Billy: Te Movie’.
A plain but homely cinema experience, which is well-maintained and welcoming. Audiences are likely to be vocal too. Apparently the oldest patron is a 97 year old.
No prospect of 3-D and the two 35mm projectors continuing to whirl largely because of the dedication of the owner (Bennett James Wilson) ,with the support of his whanau.

UPDATE; sadly, the Castle Duo has closed, which is a real loss for a town which really needs a cinema.