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Hollywood Cinema (Avondale, Auckland) RE-OPENED Dec 2016

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20 St. Georges Avenue

Contact Person:
Phone: (09) 828 8393


Capacity: Large auditorium seating up to 400
Screen: Single
Sound: Dolby digital
Seating: Fixed, with tip-up seats
Snackbar: Small snack bar
Accessibility: Street frontage steps could be a problem
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Geoff's Review
One of Auckland's oldest cinemas (est 1915), this grand old cinema displays some of its heritage, with the name "Jan Grefstad's Hollywood Cinema" still emblazoned on the building, and a sculpture plinth in the foyer.
Caters for a cross-section of the local populations, which is heavily Polynesian and Asian, as well as nostalgia buffs who come to hear the famous Wurlitzer Pipe Organ in special performances . This instrument is looked after by the Wurlitzer Organ Trust of Auckland and they are planning special events in 2012, such as a music-accompanied performance of Charlie Chaplin's 'The Kid' on April 2 (see
Most of the films screened these days are mainstream fare but tickets are remarkably cheap ($10) and you can enjoy the pleasures of the Avondale food outlets and shops nearby--where you can find more plastic footwear, artificial flowers and taro than anyone could possibly need.
The Hollywood was once famous for midnight screenings of 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' from 1978 to 1988. It is no longer in its glory days but worth a trip for nostalgia's sake (catch a train to the Avondale Station).
Be sure to check out the genuine old box office (see photo) and you will realise where the term came from. You can see the box office and foyer dressed up in the finery of the days of silent cinema, when it features as the setting for a scene in the New Zealand film White Lies (2013).
After a period in which the doors remained closed, the Hollywood re-opened in early December, with a programme of live music events and film.