Cinema Details

Time Cinema (Lyall Bay, Wellington) PRIVATE CINEMA

Contact Details
191 Sutherland Road
Lyall Bay
Wellington 6022

Contact Person: John Bell 04 934 TIME or 027 449 9345 or
Phone: 04 934 8463
Fax: 04 934 2463


Capacity: 38
Screen: one
Sound: good
Seating: comfortable
Snackbar: self-catering
Accessibility: good parking and access
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Geoff’s Review
This is a private cinema, in a suburb close to Wellington Airport. It is also a manifestation of the owners’ love of film, where you can experience an older style of film-going (the screening schedule favours films from the 1950s to 1980s), with a mix of film and DVD projection.
Not everyone gets to build a fully-functioning cinema in their backyard!
You can get on the mailing list by contacting, to find out what is upcoming. Advance bookings are advised and tickets are very modestly priced at $8 (matinees and evening shows). You can also get to view memorabilia and tinker with a pianola or antique pinball machine.
Certainly a different film experience, with opportunities to share the enthusiasm of Time Cinema’s (motto: “yesterday born again”) creators John and Margaret Bell.

Update: John and Margaret recently passed on the Time Cinema to a new owner, who has pledged to continue their work. More info asap.