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Hawera Cinemas (South Taranaki)

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110 Princess Street

Hawera, South Taranaki

Contact Person: Kirsty Bourke, Manager 06 278 1303 ext 1 or
Phone: 06 278 1301
Fax: 06 278 1312


Capacity: One 160 + Two 198
Screen: Two screens, with DCP’
Sound: Dolby digital
Seating: Conventional and comfortable, with couch seating available.
Snackbar: Ice cream, coffee machine and gaming lounge
Accessibility: Good street level access
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Geoff's Review
The South Taranaki town of Hawera was the site of my formative years in film-going (and my formative years generally), so I am pleased to see it still has a viable cinema. The current Hawera Cinema dates from 1998 but was taken over by the South Taranaki District Council in 2007, who acts as the landlord of the building..
I guess you can call a community cinema, even though it continues to need financial support from local rate-payers. This has enabled the cinema to offer a range of mainstream films, with a few more art house titles sprinkled amongst them, for the 20,000 residents in the South Taranaki area.
The Hawera Cinemas promote their programme as "The affordable BIG screen experience" and the ticket prices of between $10-$14 supports this claim.
The desl person I spoke to in November 2011 observed "When people look to settle in a place,they look for a cinema, a swimming pool and a sports stadium". Hawera can offer all these things.