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The Regal (Twizel) CLOSED Nov 2012

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1a Benmore Place
McKenzie District, Canterbury
Twizel 7901

Contact Person: info or; 021 1743618 (Nikki) or 027 515 6001 (Phil)
Phone: 03 435 0682


Capacity: 32
Screen: Single screen, DCP and e-cinema
Sound: THX surround sound
Seating: Luxurious, tip-up seats, in a curved auditorium
Snackbar: Snack bar, liquor licence in the offing
Accessibility: Good, flat access
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Geoff's Review
Opened in April 2012, The Regal is Twizel's first ever, purpose-built permanent cinema. Twizel itself has a recent history, built in 1968 as a service town for hydro-electric schemes. The original workforce of 6,000 has dwindled to a residential population of just over 1,000 but the town has revived itself as the gateway to the Southern Alps and the Mackenzie Basin, and tourist destination.
'Regal' may be rather a grand name for this small cinema, situated on the fringe of the town, but the backdrop of the snow-covered Alps probably justifies it.
It is very encouraging that such a small town can build and sustain a cinema such as this, offering a daily film programme comprised of a range of recent art house titles, which change fortnightly.
Something extra: when you leave The Regal after a evening film, gaze up into the sky: in this part of New Zealand, the sky is very dark at night and the stars shine with particular brilliance.
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