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I have begun to add content to the Cinema Directory and Map Directory pages, which will take you to specific locations of independent cinemas in the North and South Islands of New Zealand, starting with the South Island, using the material I gathered during my summer travels in 2010/2011 (ostensibly on a family holiday, with wife Josephine, offspring Travis and Catherine Rose + 89 year old father-in-law Peter, all crammed into our Toyota Avensis on a two week tour). I visited about 19 cinemas, from Takaka to Stewart Island and Picton. Some were closed and a couple of cinemas entailed an impossible diversion, so I am planning to return in 2012.
So, this will be very much a Work In Progress, which will go into 2012. I plan to include everything I can, within the general framework of ‘independent’ or ‘art house’, so it will also include private cinemas (the Time Cinema in Lyall Bay in Wellington is a great example), community trust cinemas, film society cinemas, art gallery cinemas–and maybe even those one-off film events which have become a feature of New Zealand summers. For example, the Hamilton Gardens Festival, held in February, now features outdoor screenings (once darkness falls) which are always popular.

This information will feature on the Cinema Directory and Map Directory pages, incorporating existing material and what I have gathered on my visits (information, photos, impressions). So it will be a little bit public domain knowledge/a little bit personal. There are scattered sources of opinion (such as an excellent feature by Cate Foster on art houses cinemas of Auckland, in the Weekend Herald, July 16 2011. pages 11-13) and I plan to incorporate these.

Once more content is added (listing, locations and details of all the cinemas I have visited so far), there will be a facility added to the map directory, to enable users to click on a city or town in New Zealand, and find out what is available in respect of a local independent or art house cinema(s)–and what the theatre looks like, who it caters fors and what is special about it.  My hope is that such information will also be of value to film-makers hoping to distribute their films around the country.

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